Opening of The Vikings Begin at Nordic Museum


Exhibition on site at the Nordic Museum in Seattle.
Photo: Mikael Ahlund / Gustavianum

Saturday the 20th of October, the exhibition The Vikings Begin was opened for the second time, this time at the Nordic Museum in Seattle, during its two-year exhibition tour 

1st conservator Emma Hocker
showcases one of the helmets.
Photo: Mikael Ahlund/Gustavianum

The opening was preceded by a press day where great interest in the exhibition was shown. Many local media, both television and newspapers, were present to hear the presentation of Gustavianum's museum director Marika Hedin and 1st conservator Emma Hocker.

The exhibition, already shown at Mystic Seaport in Connecticut, where it attracted nearly 86,000 visitors, will now be displayed at the Nordic Museum until this spring before continuing to the American-Swedish Institute in Minneapolis where it is scheduled to open in May 2019.

The museum director Marika Hedin
presents the exhibition.
Foto: Mikael Ahlund/Gustavianum

The exhibition is produced by Gustavianum in collaboration with the research project The Viking Phenomenon. The project is led by Neil Price, Charlotte Hedenstierna-Jonson and John Ljungkvist, all employed at Uppsala University, and funded by the Swedish Research Council.

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