Opening of the exhibition The Vikings Begin at Mystic Seaport Museum


Visitor admiring the copy, in two thirds, of the boat from Boatgrav 2.
Photo: Joe Michael/Mystic Seaport Museum

The official opening of the exhibition took place on Friday evening but the public opening took place the following day on Saturday May 19. The public opening was very popular despite the bad weather. Many visitors came to see the magical, mysterious world of the early Vikings be displayed.

Visitor admiring one of the helmets.
Photo: Joe Michael/Mystic Seaport Museum

Many were in place to attend the opening of the exhibition The Vikings Begin at Mystic Seaport Museum in Connecticut on Saturday May 19. Although it had been raining uninterrupted during the day, many visitors made their way to Mystic Seaport Museum to attend the opening ceremony of exhibition. Visitors who came dressed up as Vikings also received a reduced price of entry.

Visitors at the opening Saturday May 19.
Photo: Joe Michael/Mystic Seaport Museum

This is the first time that Uppsala university's collection appear in the United States. The exhibition contains magnificent weapons but also minor treasures like jewelry and objects of magical significance. The exhibition was opened for the first time at Mystic Seaport, but another two museums are already booked to host the exhibition. This fall, the exhibition will continue to the Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle and will thereafter be displayed at the American-Swedish Institute in Minneapolis.

The exhibition is produced by Gustavianum in collaboration with the research project The Viking Phenomenon. The project is led by Neil Price, Charlotte Hedenstierna-Jonson and John Ljungkvist, all employed at Uppsala University, and funded by the Swedish Research Council.