A Sense of Space


‘A Sense of Space’ is an exhibition featuring a selection of works by the English artist Lynne Brown; the exhibition celebrates the purchase by Uppsala University of two of the artist’s paintings, with motifs from Visby and Uppsala. The exhibition will be at the Almedal Library in Visby from March 24th to April 6th, and in the Orangery of the Botanic Garden in Uppsala from October 6th to 21st  2018.

The exhibition is produced by Gustavianum in association with the Almedal Library and the Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala University.

'Dissection' , Gustavianum, Uppsala, 2017

Lynne Brown began her career as a Painting Conservator, but simultaneously started producing her own paintings. For the past twenty years she has worked as an artist, based in Cambridge, England. Brown explores in her paintings the relationship between place and the sense of space. Her paintings depict physical places but also the experience of these places. She is interested in capturing the sense of space that occurs when we encounter a place for the first time, but also in the most everyday and familiar places.