The classroom

When research became more focused on measuring, it was important for students to be able to perform accurate measurement. The study of science was now about acquiring practical skills as well as theoretical knowledge. The first special laboratory courses were held in Uppsala in 1862.

The classroomAs early as the 17th century, demonstrations of laboratory experiments were held for natural science students at Uppsala University. In the 18th century, a large number of demonstration instruments were bought by the University from London and these laid the foundation for a physics cabinet (collection of instruments). The instruments were exclusive and could only be used in teaching by the professor or the professor's assistants.

In 1862, Professor of Physics Anders Jonas Ångström started a special laboratory course for the twelve students who had passed the theoretical courses. Through this new pedagogy, students were able to perform carrying out experiments. They could choose between different tasks, where the goal was usually to measure as accurately as possible.