The Celsius Observatory
Uppsala’s first astronomical observatory was built in 1741, at the instigation of Anders Celsius, professor of astronomy. Though modern and well equipped for the time, its position in the centre of town was not ideal for viewing the night sky. By the end of the 18th century, the Celsius Observatory had fallen out of use, though the medieval building that once housed it still stands.


The Old Observatory
ÅngströmlaboratorietIn 1844 astronomy professor Gustaf Svanberg began construction of a new observatory. Though opened in 1853, it did not become fully operational until 1860. Svanberg’s observatory is now known as the Old Observatory and is located in the Observatory Park. The telescope is still used by amateur astronomers and for public viewing.

The Ångström Laboratory
ÅngströmlaboratorietThe Astronomy Institution moved in 2000 from Observatory Park to new premises at the Ångström Laboratory where it joined the Department of Physics and Astronomy. The Ångström Observatory has a modern computer-controlled telescope, the Westerlund telescope, in a dome on the roof.