Fredrik Rudberg (1800 - 1839)

At just 28 years of age, Fredrik Rudbeck became Professor of Physics at Uppsala University and breathed new life into a this somewhat somnelent  research field. Early on he developed good contacts with leading researchers in Paris who were developing the techniques for precision measurement, and with the chemist Jacob Berzelius.

Despite his short career, Rudbeck was a pioneer of precision measurement within physics. He was particularly interested in geomagnetic research and oversaw the building of an iron-free laboratory south of Uppsala Castle. Rudbeck’s geomagnetic research could only be done through international collaboration, thus breaking the previous isolation of the Physics Department.

1819       publishes his first scientific paper, just 19 years old
1824       makes a study trip to destinations including Denmark, Germany and Paris
1828       becomes Professor of Physics at Uppsala University
1839       dies at the age of 39