Internship portrait - Cajsa Olausson

Education program: Master's program in the humanities specializing in classical archaeology and ancient history, UU.

What have you learned? It's hard to mention everything I've learned when it's so much! I have mainly been studying the Nubian collection, which consists of vases, leather objects and bones, and I have learned how to handle and digitize the material.

What has been the most fun during the internship? The most fun has been to take part during the packaging of the exhibition Mediterranean and Nile Valley. It was a lot of fun to handle and study objects so close and I now know how a mummy smells!

Internship portrait – Ellen & Lina

Education program: Bachelor’s Programme in Archaeology and Ancient History, specializing in archaeology and osteology, respectively.

What have we learnt? Perhaps the thing that we have benefited most from, during and after our work experience period, was learning about archaeological work after the completion of field work. Through being shown part of the documentation from Valsgärde boat grave 5, which was excavated during the first half of the twentieth century, we have come to understand the importance of accurate documentation and systematic handling of finds. In addition, it has been impressive to see how  older excavation material can, in some cases, now be  re-examined and reinterpreted during the creation of digital databases and photography of finds, and how important it is during these processes to record details, both in words and images. It was also very enjoyable and educational to help dismantle the Valsgärde exhibition in preparation for the renovation of Gustavianum.

We have had the chance to meet other researchers and develop our network. Now we know what we would like to do in the future!

What was best about the work experience? Everything! But what has been most rewarding for us both was being so involved with Valsgärde, and that our supervisor encouraged our contributions and curiosity. From the first day, we were treated as employees rather than work experience students, and this forced us to take responsibility and work independently. The work has been very hands-on, something that really suits us!