Policies and guidelines

Gustavianum is a part of Uppsala University and is governed by the general regulations of the University. These concern overall goals and strategies, environmental policies, the application of employment law and so forth. The regulations can be found in Uppsala University’s Mission, Goals and Strategies. 

In addition to the general guidelines, Gustavianum also follows a number of specific policies and guidelines relating to the management of its collections. These are listed below, but you will also find some of them in relevant places on the home page. 

Accessions policy for the coin collection

Accessions policy for the art collection

Accessions policy for the historical collections. The guidelines are currently under development; in the interim we follow the Guidelines of Universeum European Academic Heritage Network

Photo policy

Guidelines for the handling of human remains in the collections of Uppsala University

Guidelines for the digitalisation of Gustavianum’s collections

Gustavianum follows ICOM's ethical rules and does not perform valuations of objects. We do not make assessments of the authenticity of objects and do not issue certificates of authenticity.

Last modified: 2022-03-21