Gustavianum, Uppsala University Museum

Gustavianum, Uppsala University Museum, cares for the University’s magnificent collections of archaeological objects, art, coins, historic scientific instruments, and much more. Our role as a university museum has three main dimensions. Firstly, the museum building, Gustavianum, is an arena for interaction between the University and society at large. In our exhibitions, important and fascinating objects from our collections are shown to the public, and our exhibition ideas and programme of events are inspired by, and reflect, research at Uppsala University. Secondly, we ensure that our collections are accessible for teaching and research at the University and other institutes of higher education, in Sweden and in other countries. Thirdly, we endeavour to be a resource for the careers and competence development of University students, through our work experience placements and by offering part-time employment in various parts of the organization.

Mikael Ahlund, Museum Director