Venue hire at Gustavianum

Gustavianum is in the centre of Uppsala, right beside the Cathedral. It is Uppsala University’s oldest surviving building, where meetings, disputations and lectures have been held since the 1600s. During the Museum’s normal opening hours, meeting delegates have access to all our exhibitions, so in breaks between proceedings they can discover anything from Egyptian archaeological finds to student lecture notes from the 1400s.

Unfortunately, we do not offer guided tours or venue hire on Mondays when Gustavianum is closed.

Due to preparations before a renovation, Auditorium Minus will not be available to rent from January 1, 2019.

The Auditorium

Gustavianum has meeting facilities on the first floor, with views of the Cathedral and the University Main Building, that can accommodate up to 75 people. These facilities comprise an auditorium and two adjacent rooms that can be used between sessions for discussion and socialising. The smaller of the two rooms is also suitable for meetings of up to eight people. The auditorium is equipped with AV technology, and Wi-Fi (UpUnet-S, Eduroam) is available throughout the meeting facilities. Due to Uppsala University policy, we can not offer a open network. Please note that guest logins for external guests must be provided by the booking department.  


There have been disputations (thesis examinations) held in Gustavianum since the 1600s, a tradition that many students choose to continue. The premises can be used for the disputation itself, for the meeting of the examination committee and for refreshments.

Hire the whole of Gustavianum

Gustavianum may be hired in its entirety outside normal opening hours and can accommodate up to 400 people. We have four floors of exhibition space including the Anatomical Theatre. Food and drink can be served on the landings of the central stairwell. The Museum’s student guides are happy to offer talks about the history of the University and guided tours of Gustavianum’s fantastic collections.

Food and Drink

If desired, food and drink can be provided for disputations and meetings. Refreshments can be served in the corridor and enjoyed in the the two adjoining smaller rooms . Triller Mat & Drink and Cajsas Kök are responsible for providing all the catering in the historically important buildings of Uppsala University. It is not permissible to bring your own food and drink into Gustavianum or to make arrangements with any caterers other than those below., e-mail:
, e-mail:

Private viewings and guided tours at Gustavianum

Why not combine business with pleasure? In connection with a meeting or disputation you may like to book a guided tour of Gustavianum. Our educators and student guides are pleased to show larger and smaller groups around the Museum. Contact us for more information. You can find out more about our exhibitions at:

Booking meetings, lectures and disputations

For more information, to enquire about costs, or to make a booking, please contact us by e-mail:

We do not hire out Gustavianum  as a venue for external public events, but only for conferences and meetings within Uppsala University.

Booking conferences

It is also possible to organise conferences at Gustavianum, arranged through the conference facilitator Akademikonferens. For more information, to enquire about costs, or to book, please contact us by e-mail: