Aspiring to precision

Aspiring to precision is an exhibition about a 19th-century revolution in measurement technology within the natural sciences, for example Geosciences, Electricity and Astronomy.19th-century scientists were driven by a desire for precision, because knowledge production within modern science required experiments that could be repeated by others, with the same outcome. Thus the ability to measure with exact results was increasingly important. Measuring correctly became a way of better comprehending the world. Therefore, the revolution in measurement technology is a story of how the understanding of scientific truths changed during the 19th century. Accompanying the exhibition,

Gustavianum offers a measurement-themed programme for children and adults all through 2017. First up: During Easter school break we discover if there is a way to measure Easter. On April 22, the museum has invited scientists from Uppsala University to tell the story of what is being measured today – and why.

                                    Aspiring to precision opens on April 22.