Dissection concert

  • Date: –22:00
  • Location: Gustavianum
  • Lecturer: Pierre Nordahl
  • Organiser: Museum Gustavianum
  • Contact person: Cecilia Ödman
  • Konsert

Lutenist Pierre Nordahl describes how the worldview of the 17th century is reflected in Gustavianum's architecture, in the construction of the lute and in the structure of the music.

During this century, there was still a holistic view of the world. Pierre Nordahl puts both the lute and the music on the dissection table and reveals secrets of the period that are hidden from most of us. It will be an exciting and entertaining evening that not only analyses this lost world but brings it to life. Wine reception after the concert.

Tickets are bought in Gustavianum's shop from August 22th. With Swish you can buy tickets in advance, please contact us at for further information.
Adults: 100 kr  
Students / seniors: 50 kr


Dissection concert